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debt proposal scrapped on the ceiling. the latest orphan the hunt for -- on the hunt for a suspect. space shuttle atlantis gets ready to dock. i am tara simmons. we will have those stories plus thousands show up to hear the dalai lama in front of the u.s. capital. new this morning, dc police investigating a hit and run involving a teenager riding a
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bike. this happened just before midnight, in southeast. the 17-year-old boy suffered serious injuries the driver of the car took off so far investigators have scription of the creek so go on if anyone has -- vehicle to go on so if anyone has information give them a call. a fire went up in a complex 7800 block. flames were through the roof the fire forced 27 people out of their apartments, the cause of the fire is still under investigation. we are also following a crash involving a prince georges county police cruiser and another car this happened 2:00 a.m., river dale road and 63rd avenue, river dale. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. >> prince georges county police have their hands full
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investigating a shooting a man was shot at budget inn, 3100 block temple hills around midnight. no word on suspects or motive. now to the debt debate in the nations capitol president obama will again meet with congressional leaders at the white house tonight late last night republican negotiators said they would not pursue a massive $10 trillion, 4 year reduction package. house speaker boehner said a $10 trillion smaller agreement is more realistic a deadline to reach a debt deal is fast approaching from the sounds of it both sides are at odds over large parts of the deal. >> reporter: president obama and speaker john boehner agree they want to hack as much as $4 trillion off the deficit over 10 years both agree it will hurt but where to find that money. that is where the two can't
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survive. republicans don't want tax increases, democrats want medicare and social security intact no one is budging so far the two sides will meet in the white house sunday night. >> we agree on some of the big things we agree after a decade of racking up deficits and debt we need to get our fiscal house in order we agree to do that both sides will have to step outside of their comfort zones and make some political sacrifices. if key players reach a deal congressional leaders will have to bring it back for members to vote it is almost an automatic no vote for republicans elected with tea party backing. even the leaders were getting testy on the house friday >> i strongly believe we ought to pay for what we buy but i also believe we ought not to put this country on the brink of financial chaos and bring us down in the eyes of the world, let's just review stay it'sics, mr. -- statistics, mr. speaker
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there have been 2.5 million jobs lost since this president took office. negotiators need a deal in the next 9 few days if they need to -- in the next few day ifs they need to meet the august 2nd deadline. now president obama is getting a little r and r before tonight's rare sunday meeting he spent the night in maryland mountains at camp david and will return to the white house later on today in time for talks with top congressional leaders. no shortage of drama in the skies above camp david they had fighter jets intercrept two small planes flying in the restricted area, yesterday the first happened before noon the second before 7:00 p.m. both landed without incident. two men dead another clinging to life a triple shoot in the district making national headlines in a neighbourhood that recently saw a turn around in crime it was a dispute about
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money. >> reporter: shots rang out just before 6:00 a.m. saturday morning when the dust settled, two men were dead a third left clinging to life. sources tell fox 5, it may have stemmed from a gambling dispute. >> i don't know, i do not understand what is going on today. it seems to be a lot of killing. >> reporter: it happened in columbia heights, park wood place just a few blocks north of the metro and bustling new usa shopping center. >> we grew up here, 50 some years can't come out on my porch and have a peaceful evening and relax it is frustrating. this is how the neighbourhood is and now it is becoming a consistent thing. >> reporter: all which is extremely frustrating for city leaders who hoped this was one of the areas turning the corner on crime. >> this is one of those
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notorious blocks that has had a lot of problems for many years, but things are now changing and on an upward swing here and everywhere else but obviously we haven't gotten to where we need to be. >> police spent hours searching for clues investigators are reviewing footage from a crime camera nearby. what is a busy thorough fair they are hoping there are wiznesses. this is an hack -- witnesses. >> this is an active area of the community anyone who may have seen something through the night last night or early this morning we appreciate the call. two dc men have been identified as 32-year-old simmons and 31-year-old barber who died. police in frederick county looking for a man suspected of killing his girlfriend officers were called to orchard terrace and hill street they found the
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body of 33-year-old richardson melvin smith is wanted for charges related to her murders anyone with information is asked to call police. a 7.3 magnitude quake hit japan centered off the main island of honshu no reports of significant damage sue that ma warning has been lifted -- tsunami warning has been lifted. it is the same region devastated by the massive quake and tsunami in march that killed 22,000 people. space shuttle atlantis launched friday now chasing after the international space station for the final time. crew is scheduled to dock 11:07 a.m. this morning a variety of cameras will film the docking and help the commander inch in safely, the shuttles main mission is deliver 4 tonnes of supplies to the station this is the last shuttle flight in the fleet's 30 year history.
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a live lookout side right now, 8:07 a.m. on sunday morning, so far a pretty nice summer weekend for the most part, we will check in with gwen to see if sunday will hold. i am happy to say we have sunday and sunshine. it is a spectacular day today if you liked yesterday you are really going to like today. let's look at our maps and see what is going on satellite radar composite, ridges high pressure in control, no clouds to speak of, it will be a dry, sunny day. now yesterday was a pretty warm day across the area, here is a look at temperatures we hit 91 degrees national airport, 90 dulles and 89 degrees at bwi. right now, we have 70 degrees national, 71, humidity 71% an indication where we are headed humidity will start to climb up
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there. our air quality today is code orange that means unhealthy, our high today 92 degrees if you are anything, citizens, breathing problems, young children should not be out in this for any extended period of time not good for them at all. light southerly wind flow, 5 miles per hour things will be nice, changes in the beginning of the week is all those details later on. >> thank you. nation continues to mourn the loss of a former first lady betty ford died at age of 93, she left a lasting impression that stretched far beyond duties as first lady. a lock back at her legacy -- a look back at her legacy. >> reporter: betty ford once said if she had noun her future husbandd -- known her future husband would run for congress she wouldn't have married him. along the way his wife touched lives a big part of her legacy
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was openness. she was open about her struggling with drugs and alcohol and inspired over 90,000 people to help at her clinic in california. while herred death is a cause for sadness, organizations such as the betty ford center will on norher legacy giving countless americans a new lease on life. many celebrities have spent time at the rehab center whose name sake serves as a symbol for strength in the 70s when she was open about her breast cancer treatment her family says quote mothers love candour, devotion and laughter enretched the lives of -- enriched the lives of many. she thought she was marrying a lawyer who wanted to live in michigan her whole life she said she never thought she would give her husband's concession speech after he lost to jimmy carter and lost his
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voice. here she is. dear jimmy it is apparent now that you have won our long and intense struggle for presidency. i congratulate you, on your victory. after services in california, betty ford will be buried in grand rapids michigan next to her husband. in washington, fox news. quick note we want to give you a heads up about low flying planes in the district nasa planes will travel along the i- 95 corridor, washington belt way and baltimore measuring things like ozone and carbonmonoxide the goal is to beltre forecast and recognize pollution. she is just days from being released from jail after spending nearly 3 years behind bars. a woman is suing casey anthony for defamation why she is seeking damages when we
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hundred. >> thousands gather -- return. thousands gather to hear the dalai lama. more when we come back ñopnccxhx@p8x@0@o$ ?ñ'ñw#''''gñgñcñó+ " ""!@@@@@@zo
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making headlines t final edition of the british tabloid news of the world hit stands today it is shutting down after public outrage over allegations journalists, paid off police and hacked into voice mail accounts of murder victims, families of dead soldiercelebrities,. he was arrested in the phone hacking scandal but now out on bail. this is a very sad day for the news of the world. our staff and our brilliant professional people. >> news of the world is owned by news corp. the parent company of fox news. three nato service members
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were killed during a series of attacks across afghanistan two died when a bomb went off in the south the third was killed during an attack in the east no word on the nationalities of the victims in one claimed responsibility. 15 international service members have been killed so far this month. senior military official in iran threatening the united states, he safes u.s. aircraft carriers will be targeted if iran is attacked over its nuclear program the commander confirms iran conducted secret missile testclaims its missiles can reach israel and u.s. military bases in the region. dalai lama is in dc for a 10 davie sit, 10,000 people sat on the west lawn this weekend to listen to his message urging inner calm. >> reporter: first there was chanting. , then a misstress of ceremonies something of a surprise to a lot of people.
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>> i know some of you are sitting there thinking what? >> reporter: comedian and activist whoopi goldberg introduced the dalai lama he is attending a 10 day world peace ritual in washington dc thousands, perhaps 10000 people assembled on the west lawn of the capitol, to hear his message, that inner peace can lead to world peace. >> automatically fear distrust, and with that, you find it very difficult to communicate with other people. the cause, you yourself, deep inside, insecurity. >> dalai lama who earlier this year removed himself as the government in exile of tibet praised democracy and urged the crowd to work for peace in response to a question he said
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it is possible some day he might return today bet because china is changing. -- tibet because china is changing. >> it was very inspiring i have seen so many talks on youtube from the dalai lama but to see him in person is moving. >> i love what he spoke about, compassion, inner peace, learning to love yourself. >> sergai came from moscow to see the dalai lama what does he take away? >> the most important thing is not to up with set or disturbed, with difficulty that is come with me to another life. >> although there were many buddhists in the crowd people of other faiths came to see the dalai lama. in washington, fox 5 news. all right jonathaning you. >> here are -- john, thank you. >> here are some stories and at that make news the week ahead,
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california will hold an election to fill a vacancy for jane harman who became president of wood row wilson center for scholars. >> president obama will awart his medal of honor. friday the 103rd national governors association meeting kicks off salt lake governors from around the country will gather to discuss the state's roll in supporting education, and increasing competitiveness. >> finally presidential hopefuls must have their finances in order by friday as reports of contributions and expenditures are due at the federal election commission. in the week ahead casey anthony is expected to be released from jail next sunday she is being sued for defamation she told police her daughter caylee was last seen with her nanny and even gave
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the name zenaida gonzalez. there was no nanny. she believes anthony got her name from an apartment complex they both visited. >> ever since she accused me of being the nanny i lost my job, lost the place i was living at they didn't want me there they thought i was a kidnapper. >> she was sentenced to four years for lying to police but being released for time served and good behaviour. >> stars are taking a backseat in hollywood this weekend. >> prince william and his new bride what they are up to. the movie horrible bosses, we sit down with the stars of the film.
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in the british royal
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couples visit to california, they will wrap it up with a stop at an inner city school in los angeles in the afternoon they will attend a job fair for u.s. service men and women. they participated in a charity polo match in santa barbara yesterday. prince william played and help present the trophy to the winning team the newly weds are promoting british business ties to the u.s. and highlights charitable work they head back home to the uk later today. new movie, horrible bosses follows three guys so disgusted with their bosses they hatch plans to kill them. since it is a comedy a lot of things go wrong, kevin mccarthy talked to the stars of the movie about bumps in their own careers and whether they felt they paid their dues before finding success. >> did you have a moment you felt you were paying your dies and it wasn't going to -- dues and it wasn't going to pay off.
8:25 am
1990 to 2000 [ laughter ] >> yep. solid 10 years. yep. >> hilarious. >> what keeps you from giving up? i am sure there were moments you didn't think this would end up working for you guys. it has what kept you going. >> my sat scores. >> no other option. >> i didn't have a lot of other options. >> jump up and down and make people laugh. >> i pigeon holed myself >> i love the scene in the movie you faked to get out of work what was the worst thing you have done? >> probably called -- let me lied about food poisoning or roped in someone, i remember, i just wanted a day off work on this movie and i said my grandma passed away. no she really didn't. >> you got a day off for that? >> yeah i did. they stopped -- rearranged thinglet me go back to chicago. you know, i wasn't there. >> i remember that. >> it was nice of them to do.
8:26 am
no, -- >> you got real real in here. >> and it was very similar to your -- >> we didn't have horrible bosses i did get to say goodbye to my nana. >> i had a nana she was so sweet >> i don't know whether to laugh or you are being serious. >> yeah, she did pass away. i didn't lie about that but i did lie about stomach flu to get out of my job at food locker. >> you were sitting in the car crying and i love that you bring up these references, ethan hawk flick what are movies you guy haves seen you have cried in or people would be surprised you enjoyed. >> a chevron commercial that gets me. truly. it is just a 3 minute spot but gets me every time. >> every time. >> you can make it through the first 20 minutes to have movie
8:27 am
up without crying. >> then you are made of stone >> i went through the first scene in sleepless seattle, tom hanks is talking to his son joe that. oh, man that would be so rough oh, you have never seen it? it's great. all right kevin says there are several hilarious moments during this film he gave horrible bosses 3.5 stars out of 5. thanks sarah. time is ticking for a deal on the debt ceiling another roundover talks being held in a rare sunday meeting at the white house. fox news sunday gives us the low down on potential breaks a preview when we return. also a beautiful weekend for weather so far. gwen will be back for a look at today's weather and a work preview. stay with us, fox 35 morning news will be right back -- fox 5 morning news will be right back [ female announcer ] welcome to busch gardens williamsburg where d.c. goes to get away. maybe it's because washington d.c. loves the legendary coasters. or that
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at that point the parties will at least know where each
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other's bottom lines are. >> president obama speaking after pry day's debt talk -- friday's debt talks at the white house. >> there is another talk later today. brett good morning. >> good morning melanie. >> looks like republicans are not going to go along with president obama's plans what happened? >> reporter: as we are told, speaker boehner had a phone call with president obama at camp david last night and came to the conclusion the administration was not going to back off t new raising of taxes, and the speaker put out a statement saying basically he doesn't think a big deal a $4 trillion deal that was talked about and hoped for is possible now. the white house is saying they are still trying to push for that, republicans say the white house got scared, democrats reaction to them putting entitlement reform, social security medicare, medicaid on
8:32 am
the table. they says the all about raising taxes for republicans that is where we are as we set up to this morning we will have senator mcconnell, one of the key participants on today, to ask him to lift the curtain a bit on what is going on. >> a lot of people have been talking about there needs to be shared sacrifice. i guess the question for republicans i am interested in your thoughts on this, can republicans afford to hold the line and say no new taxes at any cost, even if it means not making a deal. >> right that is the question. whether the leadership believes that a deal has to be made, and there is some wiggle room that can happen in time before the august 2nd deadline as you know there is some push back in with the republican party about how big a situation would be to go over that august 2nd deadline most people believe and analysts believe as you push up against it, the economy, there
8:33 am
is a real threat that the economy could suffer serious disruption, as much just a couple weeks ago the chairman said. that is the question this giant game of chicken and who is going to blink first it looks like they are going to scale back everything ahead of this meeting tonight but we will see what they say today. >> do you think they are dealing with this purely from today's issues? or do you think there is any looking ahead to the 2012 elections getting in the way? >> sure that has to factor in and also, the jobs report friday, it was dismal the 9.2%, unemployment only creating 18,000 jobs in june that effected both sides of negotiations surely. when you look at politics of this democrats don't want to take entitlement of hammer away from political candidates, charging republicans will go after is he social security.
8:34 am
and they don't want to turn to an electorate and say we are going to raise taxes or the debt limit without significant spending cuts something they were elected on. >> brett your second guess will be senator demint south carolina who holds the mantle of the tea party but how much influence does the tea party have right now? >> i think they still have a pretty significant influence here in washington there are 84 house republicans, many of them have ties to the tea par toy movement directly as par -- party movement directly as far as counting them for election or part. most analysts believe the tea party will have some influence head into 2012 what it has done is questioned a lot of the negotiations from the traditional leadership position to have republican party and they are getting push back and also effecting republican presidential candidates and what they are saying and doing on the trail >> i know that is another issue you will discuss on the
8:35 am
show thank you. sure melanie. >> catch fox news sunday, 11:00 a.m. after our show. all right local news going on water back on and the roads are open, hunter mill road fairfax county virginia, crews replaced two pipes this weekend friday's water main break sent water shooting into the air the road was shut down close to 100 homes were left without water. thankfully they will get that fixed. look at that water and you are like well it looks like that would feel good. >> refreshing. >> stand in the middle of it. >> refreshing. >> put your sprinkler on. >> or jump into a pool. find some body with a pool. plenty of sunshine once again today. it was a hot day yesterday today will be another hot one as you can see no clouds, nothing to show you on there, because we have a ridge of high pressure that is actually dominating our weather pattern leaving us with dry conditionsunshine. here is a look at yesterday's
8:36 am
highs, 92 national airport, 90 dulles 90 baltimore today we will be up there as well look at what it is already, national airport, 78 degrees unbelievable. and into the low 70s. dulles, 77 degrees baltimore a pretty good indication where we are headed a sunny day and hot day by midday around 87 degrees and i want to tell everybody, our air quality is code orange that is unhealthy, so any senior citizens, people with breathing problems, young children do not stay outside for any length of time. >> thank you gwen. >> crucial medicines in short supply we are not talking about a third world country, but right here in the u.s. is your prescription one of them. >> talk about a delivery, this baby has the distinction of being the biggest baby born in a texas hospital, we will tell you how much he tipped the scales at.
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? nlnmjijhút @ @a4g @@@ z÷aac!?a÷?yy7pçúçú9c;o9a9dyvwí3c9mñe @ @@a h @ ag @@@@@b0q(p hbk!]!5!>+a/ldg ut8t [zk÷
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>> health alert on an alarming problem effecting everything from pharmacies to hospitals, critical medication in short supply in some cases not available at all. >> pharmacy shelves across the country have more empty spaces, those that should be filled with important medications. >> a tight market. the director of pharmacy operations for children's national medical center. >> if child needs certain electrolytes in his iv and those are short, we are really scrambling. >> drugs for cancer treatment, infection, heart disease, adhd are experiencing shortages, 211 last year perhaps as many as 300 medications by end of 2011. the american society of health system pharmacists is keeping track. >> just about every class of drugs that has been effected in the past year a little less
8:41 am
than half related to problems with production in term of keeping up with quality issues. >> there are fewer manufactures to pick up the slack if a company goes off line some drugs are discontinued if not profitable to make others get hung up in the regulatory process. usually, alternatives are available, but doctors say it complicates how they treat their patients. >> that is is major issue when admitting someone really ill. dr. roberta specializes in pediatric infectious diseases. >> it does effect things we get out of our standard of care. meanwhile in the pharmacy at children's national medical center it means finding ways to reduce waste. >> most viles there is some over fill from the manufacturer. we are looking at alternate ways can we repark it. >> reserve every -- repack it. >> research ever every precious
8:42 am
drop. >> one big complaint is that doctors don't know ahead of time a shortage is coming american society of health system pharmacists wants the fda required to give notice of shortages and giving incentives of tax breaks. everything is bigger in texas. how about a baby born at 16 pounds. a woman in long view gave birth to a very big boy delivered by c section. staff say he is the biggest baby ever born at that hospital. >> wow. this is really going to be big. all i could see was big cheeks. >> well, doctor told us about 12 but different story. >> other than low blood sugar and a little trouble breathing he is pretty healthy. my gosh. >> at least they had the warning they could have a large baby, the pounder but if they -- 12-pounder but if they got
8:43 am
any newborn clothes those have to go back. >> what can he wear, 1-year-old clothes. >> 3 to 6 months. >> that last month of pregnancy had to be uncomfortable. off the wall is next talking about your favorite quarterback of all time, brett favre. >> and. >> i think your favorite. >> yeah, let's talk about planking last week i got called out online. >> planking maybe is up next pgh >> plenty of sunshine, another hot day but what does the workweek hold details coming up and a look at that full five day forecast after the break
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some top stories we are following, dc police investigating a hit and run. the driver of a car struck the
8:47 am
subpoena-year-old boy just before -- 17-year-old boy just before midnight the driver took off and the teen suffered serious injuries. an apartment block went up in flames around 3:00 a.m. this morning the flames were through the roof when firefighters got there. the fire forced 27 people out of their apartments, and the cause is still under investigation. president obama will meet with congressional leaders from both parties at the white house tonight. late last night for public and budget negotiators announced they would not pursue a massive debt reduction package instead they are pushing for a smaller $2 trillion agreement. well, president obama coming back from camp david, nice weekend, a little on the hot side for a vacation. >> a little and we are going to see temperatures rise a little
8:48 am
too. i always say get out and enjoy it it is the weekend take in all the sunshine december is not that far away. i hate to say. yeah, that is the reality of it all another sunny day for us today, if you liked yesterday you really are going to enjoy today. that is the top of our headlines as far as sunshine is concerned more 90 degrees ahead too in my forecast wait until you see the 5 day humidity making a big return, i know a lot of people don't want to hear about that. i always call it an unwanted house guest sticky hot, humid unsettled weather as we move through the early part of the week we will see how that pans out for you in the meantime temperatures yesterday, 3 to 4 degrees above the seasonal average, 92 degrees national airport, 90 at dulles and 90 degrees baltimore we have a really really warm start to your day this morning, already 78 dealings national airport, so that is a good indication where we are headed during the course of the afternoon, 75
8:49 am
gaithersburg burg, martins burg, 70, winchester, and baltimore 77, 80 degrees at annapolis. we are not alone as far as the heat is concerned. down here, into the 80s as far as temperatures are concerned we will see that push its way up through the course of the next couple day that is will boost humidity, that southerly flow. things are quiet for us now. clear conditions a little different over the great lakes, wet weather some towards the gulf state, colorado, utah activity and upper midwest. you don't have to worry about any of this course of the next day or so, calm and quiet but also very hot. all this moisture from the gulf stream will start to push its way up that will be as this ridge of high pressure moves out into the course of tomorrow. that will warm us up what that
8:50 am
translates to is humidity while we are 92 degrees today temperatures will rise to mid- 90s next day or so monday, tuesday and that is what we will see as this high moves out moisture pushes in and humidity kicks in it will feel like it is into the 100s. low 100s by monday or tuesday. sunny and hot today, midday, 87 degrees, looking at a high into the low 90s pretty much everywhere to the south of us a little warmer of course. heading to the beach good decision nice way to cool off plenty of sunshine there for you, temperatures into the 80s. cape may low 90s for the afternoon just enjoy yourself today is the day to be outside protect yourself from the sun one thing don't leave your pets out in this heat do not leave in cars for any length of time air quality code orange, that is unhealthy no extended time outside for seniors, young children a warm night tonight as well. your 5 day forecast showing you
8:51 am
a weak cold front pushes through tuesday that will set us up for a chance at scattered storms. >> not so bad we need rain. >> it will cool us down. >> thank you. well, in sports, jason marquee looking to end the games two game skid. a scoreless tie in the 4th with a home run. right there. marquee would go six innings surrender to run now to the bottom of the 9th, trail 2-1. jason worth, chance to win it, on hits -- 2 on, hit into the double play, final game before the all-star break, this afternoon manager davie johnson is a little tired of the one run losses. >> like a bridesmaid i am getting close, you know guys battle hard we pitch we play great defense and the right guys up just didn't get it done. tough one. >> all right now to the orioles
8:52 am
facing the red sox top of the 5th, derek lee with a big swing sending the bat into the stands. a fan if you can see him in the yellow hat, catches the bat and tips his hat to the crowd. boston in the 5th with a 2 run single. birds have lost 6 in a row the same two teams go back at it again this afternoon. derek jeter and yankees hosted the rays team captain, there it is, jeter pokes one to left field to get him just one hit away bottom of the third number 3000 on a home run folks. jeter added 3 more hits on the day, including the game winner, jeter is the 28th player to join the 3,000 hit club. now mls action, d.c. united, rosaroi facing the redbulls since the june 27th
8:53 am
trade. fancy moves by him, pass back then boots it off the post into the only goal of the game. d.c. united defeat it is redbulls, 1 and 0 for the first win since may. >> talk of another brett favre come back, planking on the puck side what? >> skills in this week's edition of off the wall. off the wall, wisdom martin, dave ross my favorite football player from the great state of mississippi. >> talking about coming back, to play football. >> yeah. >> is that a good idea? when is it going to happen. >> well, one i am not so sure it is going to happen but why not, come on back. always good to talk about the guy is only two years removed from going through a title game. okay and if he wants to come back, in burgundy and gold for
8:54 am
one year we know mcnabb will probably not be here when the lock out ends. >> no team is going to sign him first of all all this flip flopping. >> absolutely if he wants to play. >> last time we had this conversation i told you the last two times we had this conversation, i told you, that he was going to end it -- >> and it did last year. >> previous time i said the playoff record end of the game he throws that interception,. >> it doesn't matter. >> two years ago. >> culpepper got to a title game. >> this wasn't five years ago. >> the dude is 47 million years old. >> come on back brett favre. >> last week you got hammered all over this great nation of ours. >> your lack of planking skills we know it is sweeping the nation we saw gilbert arenas and dwight howard in orlando i asked you to come out and plank
8:55 am
with me. we have visual evidence. >> i would definitely say we out did gilbert and dwight howard. >> did we? >> look at the form it is terrible what is that wisdom. >> that is a superman plank. >> superman plank. >> yeah. >> all right. >> well, i am calling my agent and telling him i am never doing this again >> you planked on the phone we were talking to each other. >> this one here. >> i can't believe this is on our news director phil's car. >> i can't believe it you did it on the news director's car. >> that is your idea. >> no, that was wisdom martin. >> were you driving? >> i don't -- >> how were you driving with your feet? >> unsafe planking we do not want people to go out and do that. >> if you are a skilled professional planker. >> but we had show wisdom martin was put to the test we passed with flying colors. >> take that.
8:56 am
>> planking on the wall. >> or off the wall. >> going to talk to you. well, sarah and i think we will take a few style points. >> i think they cheated a little bit. >> they did. >> you got to ask women who have experience in pilates and yoga about planking. >> well, we will compete with them some time this week i think. >> plenty of action in the streets of new orleans this weekend. >> big easy's version of the running of the bulls under way what sets us apart from the world famous run in spain we tell you when we come back
8:57 am
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u3údz0ú péi@@@$ >> all right running of the bulls big easy style this annual runningover the bulls in new orleans is going on this weekend. >> no real bulls members of roller girl and roller derby leagues across the country host the show. free to run but they accept donations for charity. all in the name of fun and much safer than the real deal. >> exactly. very much so. plenty of sunshine today ladies, planning on doing anything outside, a bright day as far as beginning of the week is concerned, a little

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